A fantastical inn whose bamboo lights illuminate the dark green of Minami Aso.

We wish to support the recovery after the Kumamoto earthquake and to help reestablish the beautiful image of Kumamoto and Aso by using our fantastic bamboo lights to appeal to their truly radiant nature.


We have six Japanese, four Western, and four combined-style rooms for a total of fourteen rooms available. All of our rooms are situated in private buildings with their own private outdoor baths, guaranteeing a high degree of privacy during your stay.

  • Sakura / Kunugi

    Sakura / Kunugi

    Japanese Style 16 tatami (2 to 4 people room)

  • Tsubaki / Kobushi

    Tsubaki / Kobushi

    Japanese Style 10/8 Tatami (4 to 8 Persons)

  • Matsu / Ume / Fuji / Kiri

    Matsu / Ume / Fuji / Kiri

    Bed Room 12 tatami (2 people)

  • Yanagi / Mizuki / Satsuki / Kaede

    Yanagi / Mizuki / Satsuki / Kaede

    Japanese Style Bed Room 12 tatami
    (Yanagi / Mizuki: 2 to 3 people, Satsuki / Kaede: 2 to 6 people)

  • Take / Momi

    Take / Momi

    Japanese Style 12 tatami (2 to 4 people)


  • TV
  • fridge
  • electric kettle
  • telephone
  • washlette toilet
  • washbasin
  • hairdryer
  • shower
  • air conditioning
  • floor heating
  • hot water pot
  • safe


  • Face towel
  • bath towel
  • hairbrush
  • toothbrush
  • razor
  • yukata
  • footwear
  • clogs
  • cleansing
  • cleansing foam
  • cotton set
  • shampoo
  • treatment
  • body soap


The water of Chikurakutei is pleasantly warm so that even
if you soak for a long time you won't get tired.

You can take a bath whenever you want at any of our three unique hot springs: the private outdoor baths equipped with each remote room, a special cave bath with a unique atmosphere, and the main public bath where you can feel a sense of release and relaxation.

Our hot springs' alkaline waters have low stimulation and a soothing effect that will leave you with soft, beautiful skin.

Chikurakutei's warm alkaline waters have low stimulation and a soothing effect that will leave you with soft, beautiful skin. Our spa is especially popular with women because it makes their skin feel wonderfully smooth.The spa is also effective in treating fatigue, joint pain, hemorrhoids, and stimulating blood circulation.


Free pick-up service

Free transportation service is provided for customers using public transportation. Customers wishing to make a free pick-up service must make a reservation in advance and contact the scheduled arrival time.

  • Depending on the reservation situation it is not possible to meet your request. Please note.
  • Aso Kumamoto Airport
  • Higo Otsu Station
  • Aso Station
  • Konokayu Onsen